What are Penis Extenders?

penis-extender-devicePenis extenders are mechanical devices that are attached to the penis and manually adjusted in order to apply a consistent tractive force which gradually extends the penis. The idea behind these devices does not represent any radical biological or medical concept, and can be likened to the corrective action of the braces on our teeth. Used correctly and according to doctors’ and manufacturers’ instructions, these simple devices should not have any adverse effects on the user and can normally ensure an increase in penis length in the order of 25 mm. If you have never seen one, you can imagine miniature versions of a silicon gun without the trigger, or a leg brace.

Generally speaking, there are two rings which fit onto the penis at the base and at the head, or glans. The base ring is usually the most rudimentary component as it simply serves as a buttress and guide ring; it is often made of plastic. Better manufacturers add value and sophistication to the base ring by using a moulded piece which conforms to the pelvic region around the base of the penis for added comfort, and they also allow for limited device rotation or inclination, again to better conform to the differing shapes of individuals’ penises.

The head assembly is also a ring, but is usually far more sophisticated. This section has the rather delicate task of holding the head of the penis as it is being gently pushed away from the body. As you may well imagine, prolonged use of alien objects around this very sensitive area of the penis can lead to severe irritation and discomfort. This is why the more serious market providers go to many lengths to reduce any associated trauma.

The head ring mainly consists of a semi-circular cradle on the ventral- or under-side of the glans, and a noose or strap which circles around the corona and is fastened to the cradle, thus holding the penis head in place. A layer of padding or foam is usually placed between the fastener and the glans to buffer the contact area.

Connecting the two rings are the longitudinal rods which are adjustable in two ways: the first adjustment is to conform to the length of the penis and is generally resolved by supplying rods of different lengths, or segments which can be added or subtracted to create the desired length; the second adjustment involves a fine-tuning mechanism to adjust the pressure exerted on the penis, this can be achieved via threaded sections which allow extension or contraction of the rods via axial rotation. The rods usually have springs in order to maintain a constant tractive force even after inevitable shifting and movement.

Perhaps the single most important aspect of penis extenders is their safety. While there have been cases reported of tissue damage and burst blood vessels, these are commonly associated with misuse and accidents. Penis extenders are static devices with no electrical or motorized components and users have absolutely no need to ingest dubious pills or syrups to induce penis augmentation.


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