Understanding Penis Wrinkles

man-in-suitYour skin is a continuous external sheet that covers the body. Due to its outside visibility and aesthetic value, people tend to give a lot of attention to skin. The skin of your penis is no different in structure. Generally speaking, “skin wrinkles” are considered a sure sign of aging. In case of male genitalia, however, presence of skin wrinkles is considered normal and common in almost all male population, regardless of the age, ethnicity or family history.

Natural, normal intact penises with foreskin usually have wrinkles. Even circumcised penises have wrinkles, because the penis expands when erect. If you were to get circumcised, there would be no wrinkles while erect, but there would possibly be some when flaccid. There could also be very tight skin, which doesn’t move at all for sex, and painful erections.

What are penis wrinkles?

In normal scenario, a penis wrinkle is a wrinkle in the skin of the shaft of the flaccid penis. It is often said that the more wrinkles, the larger the erect penis will appear when compared to its flaccid state.

What causes penis wrinkles?

Penis wrinkles are also known as the “foreskin wrinkles” and are generally present at birth. Their presence depends on the nature of skin and muscle contraction of your penis. Some male health experts also call these wrinkles as the “temporary wrinkles” as they are only present when your penis is not erect (is in flaccid state) and disappear as soon as you become semi erect or fully erect.

Importance of penis wrinkles

Penis wrinkles are nothing but the soft, loose creases of penile foreskin in flaccid state. These small skin flaps are present naturally to provide the penile skin more flexibility and elasticity at the time of erection. If there were no wrinkles on your penis in flaccid state, your skin could not stretched further during erection and it could cause severe discomfort, pain and even inability to perform sexual intercourse.

All in all, it’s completely normal to have wrinkles on your penis in flaccid state. However, if you notice their presence even when you are fully erect and hard, you should think about visiting your doctor as it could be a sign of some serious underlying problem.


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