Does Penis Size Actually Matter?

woman-kneeling-bedThe desire for a larger penis is deeply entrenched in the psyche of men and spans geographical borders, cultural boundaries and historical timelines. What we are talking about is nothing less than the essence of man, primordial identity. The penis is a symbol of strength, power, vigour and manhood.

Manhood in this modern era, however, stands for something new; it is no longer about potency and domination. Manhood today is about the personal reward and satisfaction we feel when we are able to please our partners sexually. Making our more temperamental and sexually complex counterparts climax is no mean feat, and we can use all the help we can get.

Doing well in bed is important, it’s extremely important. There are always those who will come along and play down its significance, but as with all things in life, nothing confirms a rule better than an exception. Another simple rule of life is that you can’t do anything well without confidence. If a man isn’t sure his partner is enjoying the moment, then he won’t let his instinct take over and take the experience to new levels, which is the key to fabulous sex. Doing the same thing ad infinitum is not what is described as good sex. The same position, the same rhythm, the same rigmarole; they all spell death for a good sex life and while there is no rule saying that the man has to always take the initiative, it is generally one of those situations where women do not mind letting the man take control and transport them to ecstasy.

Some may cite a general lack in clinical evidence concerning the relationship between the size of a man’s penis and the derived sexual pleasure of his partner, but we all know there are few things less blatantly obvious. There can be no denying that the more contact a penis makes with the vaginal cavity of a woman, the more pleasurable it is for her, and if women haven’t been telling us for aeons that they prefer larger penises, then there is some serious social misconception going on. Penis extenders are confidence extenders; they don’t just make us have sex better, they make us walk, talk and sleep better.

The reasons for wanting a bigger penis can be dubious in many cases, and it’s perfectly understandable given the taboos and confusion men have to deal with, usually alone without any reference or feedback, through the most difficult and complex ages of their lives. It’s a facet of a man’s life that can generate as much torment as it can satisfaction. But from a Machiavellian perspective, there is really a tremendous amount of benefit we can reap from this possibly ill-conceived desire. We can give more, and when it comes to sex, it really is just as good, if not better, than getting more. Our overall happiness is like a check list of all the things we want and need in life. These lists, of course, vary from person to person, but if love and sex aren’t among the most fundamental tenets of a good life, then nothing is.

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