How Do Penis Extenders Work?

penis-extender-devicePenis extenders are effective because they simply employ a light force over time to gently elongate the penis. This process is known as traction. Some might say that you are stretching the penis, but it is actually a little more complicated than that.

To better understand the function of penis extenders, it is worthwhile doing a little preparatory anatomy. The penis consists of the base or root section, the shaft which also includes the head or glans, and the enveloping skin tissue. A suspensory ligament connects the penis to the pelvis and provides support during erection. The urethra is a thin tube passing from the bladder to the prostate and then into and along the under- or ventral-side of the penis through to the glans, where it can eject urine and sperm.

Surrounding the urethra is a soft tissue region known as the spongiosum. Two similar but larger tissue regions known as corpus cavernosum run parallel along the top- or dorsal-side of the penis and surround the two principal arteries carrying blood into the penis. In effect, the corpus cavernosum are the sections which provide most of the blood and bulk to the penis during erection, and it is the magnitude of these very sections which we aim to increase in the pursuit of larger penises.

As you may by now have realized, the penis is most certainly not a muscle, it consists, rather, of soft, spongy tissue much like our stomachs and other bodily organs. This basic fact means that no amount of exercise can increase the mass of the penis, as we might expect with our biceps or calves; if only it were that simple. Men are therefore obliged to seek other avenues if they seek to increase the size of their penis. If we rule out surgery, and we really should, discount food supplements and the like, forget about exercises that can’t work, then we are left with penis extenders as the only logical solution.

So, what happens when we subject our penises to controlled periods of tractive force? At the microscopic level, stretching causes minute lacerations in the tissue cells, which in turn provoke an automatic response from the body to generate new tissue in the region, effectively forcing the penis to grow. This process also promotes greater blood circulation in the area and the blood vessels increase in size to accommodate the added flow. All of this makes for a longer and slightly wider penis. Users often also notice harder and longer-lasting erections after undertaking this form of treatment.

It is important to remember that the key to proper use, and significant and sustained penis enlargement, is time. Penile elongation is an incremental process and users are required to wear the device for between four and six hours a day. Many manufacturers recommend two equal stints of two or three hours in the morning or during the day and the same in the evening or at night. There are, of course, certain factors to consider regarding work and lifestyle before implementing a convenient regime which can be repeated on a daily basis over a period of at least several months.


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