Muira Puama for Sexual Performance Enhancement

muira-puamaMuira Puama is a globally acclaimed shrub found in Northern Brazil and some other regions of the Amazon rain forest. It is one of the most famous herbal aphrodisiacs used traditionally for increased sexual desire and sensitivity in men. Therefore, Muira Puama is frequently used as “herbal Viagra alternative” in male health products and supplements.

Strong aphrodisiac for men

Muira puama or "potency wood” is best known for its aphrodisiac or “sexual desire boosting” effects in men. How it is actually caused and is not known yet but the possible mode of action behind this is significant increase in male sex hormone (testosterone) levels by Muira Puama.

Treatment of male impotency

The beneficial use of Muira Puama in the successful treatment of erectile dysfunction has been now proved and backed by various studies and trials. In a French study, which was done on the men with erectile dysfunction or male impotency problems and reduced libido, Muira Puama containing supplement greatly increased libido / sexual desire in up to two third of the subjects. About 50% of the men also reported remarkable improvement in their ability to gain and maintain strong penile erections.