The Magic Pill Myth

pills-medicineIn search for the best method of penis enlargement, many men have been tempted to give one of the many penis enlargement pills a try. In fact,; in the history of the herbal supplement industry I doubt there’s ever been another product that has captured the imagination and dreams of so many as well as stirred up so much controversy.

So are there any grounds to the claims made by the manufacturers of such pills? Well, a brief outline of the typical penis enlargement pill ingredients should help to answer this question.

Every brand of penis enlargement pill on the market has its own unique formula, but generally they all contain a variety of herbs, vitamins and amino acids that produces one of three main effects on the body:

  • Herbs such as Ginkgo and Ginseng act to increase the flow of blood to the penis by relaxing and expanding the penile blood vessels. By doing so, the penis may well look larger when flaccid; and erections may well appear firmer, harder and somewhat larger than usual like when you wake up in the morning with a rock hard erection.
  • Other herbs such as Muira Puama act to increase sex hormone levels such as Testosterone. This has the effect of increasing sex drive leading to more frequent and longer lasting erections. Horny Goat Weed is also a common ingredient in that regard.
  • The inclusion of compounds such as L-arginine work in a similar way to the drug Viagra. They increase nitric oxide levels in the body - a chemical that is essential for normal erectile function. Increased levels of nitric oxide lead to stronger, more powerful erections, that again, in a healthy male may well appear larger than normal.

The whole idea behind penis enlargement pills is to stimulate penile growth by promoting stronger, more frequent erections and by maximizing the natural blood flow to the penis. The theory goes that with prolonged use, the penile tissues will naturally adapt and expand to compensate for the increase in erection frequency and duration.

There’s no doubt that good quality formulas can have a positive effect on both improving sex drive and enhancing the quality of one’s erections. I know of many men who’ve used these supplements purely with the intention of naturally enhancing their sex lives and have indeed experienced enhanced penile function. Such pills certainly do seem to promote increased blood flow to the penis and this does translate into erections that are swollen to capacity making them look somewhat larger than usual.

It is interesting to note that many of these "magic pills" that you can buy will often come with instructions on Jelqing when you receive the package. This is an acknowledgement by the companies that are selling these pills that they know that the pills alone won't enlarge your penis. Another interesting fact to note is that these "magic pills" often contain some of the same herbal supplements that aid in the penis enlargement process when combined with other enlargement techniques. So what these "magic pills" offer is not exactly a bad thing in some cases. You just have to know what to look for when you are going to buy herbal supplements and know how to use them properly to augment the process of penis enlargement.

The blood boosting effects of certain high quality supplements have also proven to have a profound effect at maximizing the gains men experience from either natural penis enlargement exercises or from the use of a traction device. The physiological reason for this seems to be two fold:

  • The increased blood flow ensures that the penis is provided with all the nutrient rich blood and oxygen it needs to fully recover from each exercise or traction session.
  • The additional blood flow also provides added stimulation to the all ready stressed penile tissues between workouts.

Combining supplements with exercise or traction has been seen to dramatically reduce the period of time it takes even the slowest of gainers to make very noticeable improvements in penis size.

None of the reputable male enhancement supplement manufacturers claim that their supplements can increase penis size when taken on their own and I would avoid clear of any manufacturer that does. Although there’s no doubt that they do significantly increase blood flow and erection size while they’re actually being taken, these effects are only temporary and gradually subside over the course of a few weeks as the ingredients slowly work their way out of the body.

The real benefit of these supplements is their ability to enhance the effects of the exercises or traction methods of penis enlargement. For that reason, they're well worth the money. But don't invest a lot of money in pills if you've been lead to believe that they'll somehow miraculously enlarge your penis when taken on their own. The simple truth is that they may well make your penis look bigger in the short term, but if you're looking for permanent gains, taking the pills alone just won't work.

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