Jelqing Exercise – Technique Two

jelq-handsThe Jelq gorges the chambers of the penis and when they are repaired they are able to hold more blood. The general concept is that the more blood you force to accumulate down the end of the penis, the thicker and larger the penis becomes. The Jelq exercises can be done either sitting down or standing. These exercises are the same for both circumcised and uncircumcised men.

You can alternate both hands in a smooth rhythmic ("milking") motion, touching every part of the penis except the very top part of the penis head. For the first week, take it easy. Don't be too aggressive with your Jelqing at first. Gradually work your way up to 200 repetitions. If you find yourself getting an erection during this exercise, squeeze harder or discourage a full erection; or simply wait until it subsides. If you feel the sensation of ejaculation coming on, pause milking until the urge subsides. This is itself a beneficial exercise of self-control. If you find your penis is getting sore, take a day off.


This exercise is NOT to be performed during full erection. If you do, this could result in damage to the vascular (vein) if the penis is forcibly milked in its fully erect state. Ideally your penis should be between 70-80% erect. Results cannot be obtained until a partial erection is present.


Standard Jelq (Dry Version).

  1. This is the "Dry" version of Jelqing. Similar to Techniques One, but without the lubrication.
  2. In "dry" milking, you squeeze and pull the skin, instead of sliding your fingers over the skin.
  3. As the penis becomes too large to cover in one stroke, work on the base and middle of the shaft separately.

Note: Some guys like to milk "dry" in the morning before getting out of bed (when testosterone levels are the highest.)


  • Do 200-300 strokes/day at medium strength for the first week. (10 minutes)
  • Do 300-500 strokes/day at medium-full strength for the next week. (15 minutes)
  • Do 500 or more strokes/day from then on, and as strong as you can make them. (20 minutes)

Note: After the first week, try to work up to 20 minutes each day.


After this exercise has been performed, you will notice that the penis (even in its flaccid state) appears both longer and thicker. You will also notice that the head (or glans) becomes extremely red and that it will swell considerably. This is good sign that you are doing the technique right. It is a normal part of the process. This is minor swelling like you see in the muscles when lifting weights. You can encourage blood circulation afterward by whipping your penis up and down 25-50 times. You can perform this exercise 5 days a week. Remember to keep your penis only partially erect.


Before you begin any penis enlargement routine, always remember to do your warm wrap first. Keep in mind that this is one of the many methods of penis enlargement. For the best results, combine multiple methods of penis enlargement into a workout routine. See The Plan to develop your penis enlargement routine.

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