Flax Seeds for Male Enhancement

flax-seedsFlaxseeds are well known for their generalized body health improvement potential as well for their specific "sex-related" benefits especially for men. Sometimes also called as flax or linseed, these small wonders come from the flax plant and contain lignans (substances that are beneficial for the heart and prevent against some cancers).

Flax seeds are an abundant vegetative source of Omega-3 fatty acids which, in turn, are very important for the health of our heart, brain, blood vessels and immune system. Also, flax seeds contain sufficient quantities of minerals such as calcium and dietary ingredients such as fiber.

One of the most "hot" topics of debate among sexperts today is; whether flaxseeds containing herbal supplements offer any potential for erection enhancement?

The sex benefits of "flax seeds consumption"

  • Libido: The sex-benefits of regular flax seeds consumption are well known and well-proven. Studies have shown that the regular (daily use) of flaxseeds helps to increase testosterone which leads to a natural increase in the normal effects associated with testosterone such as sexual desire and male sexual characteristics e.g. development and growth of sexual organs including penis, and testis. Also remember that flax seeds also have essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, which are the major building blocks of all sex hormones.

  • Male fertility: The flaxseed oil helps to keep your sperms strong and mobile and, therefore is important in the treatment of male sterility (childlessness). For the same reason, flaxseed oil is a very good herbal supplement to consider taking while trying to promote fertility and achieve conception.

With respect to the protein content, flax seeds contain a very important amino acid called as L-Arginine which acts to support male sexual growth and health by increasing sperm count.

Flax seeds improve "sex" but not "size"

The same oil present in flaxseeds is thought to increase blood flow through the penis, resulting in larger, firmer and longer erections (only for the time being, though). As this effect is only temporary and does not cause any "permanent gains", it often leaves men wondering about using the flaxseed containing supplement or pills every time they want to have sex which is, at times, is not possible.


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