Don’t Let Age be a Factor in Your Sex Life

people-escalator Men that lead sexually active lifestyles will often notice that their sex drive or libido will begin to decrease, as they get older.  This is a normal bodily reaction to the age process, but that does not mean that men have to succumb to this.  More and more males are discovering that they can still have the same pleasurable sex that they were able to enjoy when they were younger.

The Condition

The main condition that most men experience when they get older is erectile dysfunction.  An astounding 30 million men each year have to deal with erectile dysfunction, which is the in ability to have or keep an erection.  It can be brought on by having diabetes, high blood pressure, damaged nerves and being overweight, as well as a variety of other psychological conditions.

The Symptoms

Some of the symptoms that are warning signs to a man that they may be suffering from erectile dysfunction can include:

  • not having any interest in sex,
  • soft erections,
  • short-lived erections,
  • a reduction in intimacy, and
  • having fewer sexual encounters.

It is important to note that one or two failed erections does not mean that you are experiencing erectile dysfunction.

The Test

In order to regain control of your sex life, you would have to undergo certain tests to determine what the exact cause of the erectile dysfunction is.  This can include having a blood test, an ultrasound or a dye test to see how the penis reacts when stimulated.  In addition, psychological factors may be at fault, such as stress, anxiety, guilt and depression.

The Remedy

Doctors can prescribe special pills and medication, such as Viagra or Cialis, which help to increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood.  There are also surgeries that can be performed that implant devices to help with an erection or repair broken blood vessels.  However, one of the remedies that men often overlook are natural herbs.

These natural products have been giving men the ability to have stronger and longer erections without have to put expensive and non-effective medications into their system.  In addition, the male does not have to undergo surgery.


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