Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?

sea-sunset-beach-coupleMany people are keen to dismiss penis enlargement as myth even though they are not familiar with the facts. Penis enlargement techniques have been around in one form or other for a very long time. Primitive tribes are still using weights, various objects and exercises to force parts of the human body to change size and achieve a new look.

The women of the Paduang tribe use metal rings to lengthen their necks, while the people from other tribes hang weights from their lips or ear lobes in order to reach their own standards of beauty. With all these body modification methods being used effectively all around the world, why should it be so hard to believe that the penis can be modified just the same?

Especially since we know that it has been done. Various penis enlargement techniques have been reported in the distant past and modern era, especially among the nomad Arabic tribes. Body enhancement techniques performed by males were always tied to the position of the person in question within the tribe or with manhood initiation rites.

For example the Karamojong tribe in northeastern Uganda are reported to have a manhood initiation right for their young boys where they have to grow their penis to a size which they can then tie it in knots. Boys from this tribe are reported to come out of puberty with 18" penises in some cases. Due to their primitive existence, it is highly likely that they have achieved these remarkable gains by merely using the simple hanging weights method or even hand techniques throughout their puberty.

It seems that men found early on that the human body can be modified using devices or exercises. The only traction devices at their disposal for a long period of time were weights, but stretching the penis using one’s own hands was just as good as any device.

What these primitive techniques were doing was exerting the force of traction on the body in order to facilitate growth or change. Modern medicine is no stranger to traction either, it is used in traditional orthopedic surgery to encourage bone growth needed for certain conditions and in plastic surgery for tissue expansion to cover cutaneous defects, burns, and areas of hair loss. It is on this principal that penis enlargement techniques are able to provide a safe and effective solution to increase the size of their penis.

The answer to the question is YES, penis enlargement really is possible. Despite all the widespread skepticism, criticism and misinformation; the truth is that there are clinically proven, medically backed and non-surgical solutions for penis enlargement.

Simply put. It can be done. That is a fact.

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