The Danger of Unregulated Drugs and Supplements

tablets-pills-medicine-disease-bless-you-doctor-1The recent recall of Brookstone’s Pharmaceuticals Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops and Nature & Health’s 6 male supplements in the Washington Post is a testament of the potential risks these kinds of drugs can create.

Published on the 15th July, over 8 male health drugs were recalled due to the damaging implications they can have on a consumer’s health. Liver Toxicity, kidney damage and dangerously low blood pressure levels… these were just a few of the side effects believed to be triggered by the chemicals in these pills.

Fortunately in both cases, these recalls occurred before any incidents had occurred.

What are the dangers of male vitamins?

In total over 8 products – split over 3 corporations - were recalled in the Washington Posts article. However, the most notable of these products has to be Brookstone Pharmaceutical’s Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops.

Following concerns about consumers possible misinterpretations of their products dosage levels, over 5,600 bottles were recalled on the 15th July. Taken in too high a dosage, research discovered that these drugs could cause permanent damage to the liver and kidneys as well as trigger blood disorders. Yet Brookstone were not alone in this misrepresentation.

Nature & Health Co.’s 6 male enhancements LibieXtreme, Y-4ever, Libimax, Powermania Liquid, Powermania Capsule and Herbal Disiac were also found to hold similar health risks. Taken in the form of supplements, their packaging did not accurately display their ingredients list. Upon later research scientists discovered that these unlisted ingredients all interacted negatively with nitrate causing dangerously low blood pressure levels in diabetics, and high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease suffers.

Are any supplements safe?

Whilst the recall of Brookstone’s, Nature & Health’s and Maya Overseas foods supplements, only represent a small fraction of the many supplements available in this industry, their side effects are still disconcerting. Either contributing to or triggering blood, kidney or liver disorders, the risks of these supplements far outweigh their benefits. Especially when there are much safer methods available.

The general advice of many health experts is “do not take ANY male pills you are unsure about” as although some male pill products have been safely removed from the market, there are still a large number of potentially dangerous male pills available on the open market.