How to Create the Illusion of a Larger Penis

couple-beach-holidayIf you were to ask the majority of men what they’d like to change most about their appearance, we guarantee that most of them would say the size of their penis.

Yet just because you want a bigger penis, doesn’t necessarily mean you want to go under the knife or invest in a device. Sometimes all you want is some simple tips…

Well, below we have managed to do just that!

We have highlighted 4 proven techniques that can instantly help you to increase the size of your penis without any real effort:

  1. Trim your hair – no we’re not on about the hair on your head. We’re talking about your pubic hair. Now this hair alone is hiding at least 2cm of your penis, so by simply trimming this hair you can immediately add an inch to your penis, plus make yourself look a lot tidier.
  2. Learn how to control your flaccid penis – be honest, when do you feel most self conscious about your penis? When you’re flaccid. This is when you’re at your smallest (especially on a cold day), and when you least want your partner to see it. But what if you could change that and actually control the size of your flaccid penis? Well you can. Bar temperature, there are 2 other ways to control your flaccid penis size – your mental arousal and the need to urinate. Both of these can help to enlarge your penis, without the need to be fully erect. So practice using them to increase your size and take note of the difference they make.
  3. Weight management – okay this tip is not so immediate, but it is an important one as your body shape can influence how big your penis appears. For example a guy with a 5 inch penis who is short and slim will look bigger than a tall guy of the same size who is overweight.Now, whilst you can’t do anything about your height, there is something you can do about your weight. By losing weight and toning up you can ensure that none of your penis is hidden by your stomach, instantly creating the illusion that you’ve gained inches.
  4. Learn your angles – one of the biggest problems we have as men is that we judge our own size by looking down at ourselves, and as you can imagine this can make you look smaller than you are as you are looking at yourself from the wrong angle. Yet angles don’t always have to have a negative effect on the size of your penis. In fact learn how to use your angles correctly and you can make your penis look bigger to onlookers. Try it now. Stand in front of your mirror with your penis erect and look at yourself at different angles. You’ll soon notice that you look better from the side and particularly at a 45 degree angle.

Alternatively methods…

Each of the above techniques can help you to create the illusion of a bigger penis, but if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then there are other methods that you can try.

Take penis extenders for example…

Using a technique similar to that used in orthopaedic surgery, penis extenders apply traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis, causing cells to break away and replicate.

As these cells accumulate in mass, they enable your penis to hold more blood, attain harder ejections, reduce premature ejaculation and curvatures, and more importantly add inches to your penis.

And it is completely painless!

Quality penis extenders such as SizeGenetics  use Medical Type 1 materials, as well as 16 Way Comfort Technology so no matter the shape, size, angle or sensitivity of your penis, you can comfortably wear the device all day look without experiencing discomfort or chaffing. For more information visit

And penis extenders are not alone…

You can also use penis exercises and pumps to improve the size of your penis.

So if you are genuinely interested in improving the size of your penis, then why not give any of these techniques a try? In a matter of weeks, you can be closer to your dreams of a bigger penis.


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