Combining Penis Enlargement Methods for the Best Results

combination-safeThere is a reason why most of the penis enlargement products out there usually don't work for men. This is because most men generally only try one penis enlargement method at a time. Skipping around from method to another will never get you permanent results, and probably won't get you really any results at all; other then frustration, lost time, and a waste of money.

That is the big secret behind successful penis enlargement and failure. Without exception, those that a getting the big results are typically using at least 3 of the different methods of penis enlargement during their routine, if not more. It is by combing the different methods that the most truly remarkable results can be seen. These methods provide natural, safe, and effective solutions on their own but lack the efficiency to deliver results in a timely manner. However, when used together, the results are unbeatable.

Some men worry that all this stress and tension might be a bad thing, which is a valid concern. Like with all things, excess is never a good thing. This is especially true for penis enlargement because over doing your penis enlargement routine could possibly lead to some hazardous injuries. What is important is having the knowledge to know how much is too much. You need to know and be able to recognize the symptoms of potential injuries. Safety is paramount in the penis enlargement process. If you know what to look for and what not to do, you can find the right balance between pushing yourself but not going too far.

Another added benefit of the combination approach to penis enlargement is convenience. With a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult at times to maintain your workout routine. Having multiple methods available to you provides options to a man that may not have the time to do certain parts of his routine at the same time day to day.

For example, if you are using an extension device alone this would mean a loss in potential gains for the period of time where it is not worn, and slowing own your progress in achieving your goals. But with other methods as options, you could squeeze in a stretching session during a bath or shower or before bed. By having the flexibility to use multiple methods of penis enlargement, you can develop a routine that truly molds itself around your lifestyle and schedule. When it is not convenient to wear the extension device for as long as you would like you can intensify your exercise routine to make up for the lost time.

For the best results, most men have found a lot of success with a combination of one of the traction methods, adding to that the PC muscle exercise and at least one of the techniques from the exercise or stretching methods, and then augmenting all of that with the right combination of supplements. This is a basic combination that has worked for every man that has been dedicated to doing it. However the addition of other methods, such as the hormone method or vacuum method has been known to boost the results you see from your penis enlargement routine.

That said, with all the different penis enlargement methods at your disposal you can unlock the routine for you. Then there is nothing holding you back from getting the bigger penis that you deserve.


Before you begin any penis enlargement routine, always remember to do your warm wrap first. Keep in mind that this is one of the many methods of penis enlargement. For the best results, combine multiple methods of penis enlargement into a workout routine. See The Plan to develop your penis enlargement routine.

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