Chronic Pain in the Penis

guy-embarassedMedically known as “pudendal nerve entrapment”, pain in the penis can occur for no apparent reason in the lower central pelvic areas. These are the anal region, perineum, and scrotum and penis or vulva.

Character of the penis pain

Penis pain could be stinging, burning, stabbing, aching, knife-like, irritation, cramping, spasm, tightness, crawling on the skin, twisting, pins and needles, numbness, and hyper sensitivity. The pain is piercing and very comparable to a toothache. It often starts in one place and progresses. Frequently there is also urinary, anal, or sexual dysfunction. The pain is often on both sides.

What causes penis pain?

There can be multiple causes. However, it is usually caused by prolonged sitting or trauma to the sitting area, combined with a genetic and developmental susceptibility. It is also common in high mileage (people travelling / driving for long and frequently). Sometimes, pain in penis can occur after excessive masturbation or sexual intercourse.

In addition using penis vacuum pumps or penile implants surgery to treat erectile dysfunction can also lead to penis pain.

What are the treatment options?

Following are some of the time-tested tips to help treat pain in penis:

  • Avoiding the offending factor that causes pain (remove the cause, remove the disease).

  • Conservative medical treatment as prescribed by the doctor

  • Surgery with decompression of the nerves is rarely done.

What penis pain can lead to?

  • Long term penis pain is often associated with difficulty with normal urination, with hesitancy and extreme urgency may cause repeated trips to the bathroom.

  • Bowel function may be abnormal, as well as painful.

  • Constipation is reported more frequently among those individuals diagnosed with penis pain.

  • Sexual intercourse may be problematic as penetration, for the woman, may be extremely painful, and for the males erectile dysfunction and/or pain with orgasm may predominate.

Some general tips to prevent penis pain

  • Keep a healthy, physically active life style in general

  • Eat a healthy, well balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients

  • Maintain proper hygiene to avoid infection of penis

  • In case of any pain that persists for days, immediately consult your doctor

  • Use penis extenders (such as SizeGenetics)


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