Use Caution with Penis Pumps

medical-evaluationThere has been a lot said about the use of vacuum pumps to achieve penis enlargement. Some claim it can deliver results while others vow that it is an absolute waste of time. With everything that has been written about the penis pump it is hard for the average guy to sort through all the information and get to the truth of the matter.

The concept behind the penis pump is to put an air tight container over the penis. Then vacuum out the air inside the container which draws the penis further into the container. Once the penis reaches its maximum size, as you continue to vacuum air out of the contain the penis will then stretch beyond its normal size. In theory this alone can enlarge the penis. This seems like a good concept in theory. However, as you have read throughout our website, one method of penis enlargement alone is never enough to produce permanent and satisfactory penis enlargement.

People often believe that penis pumps are proven as a long term solution to enlarge the penis. This is not true to some extent. Pumps have been proven to help with impotence since they force blood into the penis, this can often result in a larger than normal penis as it promotes a stronger than normal erection. However, the effects of pumps are generally temporary. The penis pump will help gain an erection for a in the short term but will doing very little to enlarge the penis in the long term when used alone.

Pumps are not only ineffective for long term penis enlargement when used alone, but they also come with a series of dangers for any man that chooses to use them. For starters the mechanical forcing of blood into the penis is difficult to control and therefore often results in severe bruising, blisters and even burst blood vessels within the penis when used excessively. Repeated excessive use can cause impotence when the body begins to rely on mechanical stimulation to produce an erection. Further risks include deformation of the penis.

The best principle use of the penis pump should be as a supplementary tool for the penis enlargement exercises that require a semi-erect penis to do the exercise. The penis pump does provide the benefit of being able to create an erection when it is not easily possible to have an erection naturally. Such as when you are in the middle of a penis enlargement routine, the discomfort caused by some of the penis enlargement techniques could make it difficult to continue your penis enlargement routine if a semi-erect penis is required. Because of this, the penis pump is still an important tool for consideration in the penis enlargement process.

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