Bathmate Hydromax X40: Review, Recommendations, and Results

At first glance, it might be easy for most penis enlargement practitioners to write off the Bathmate Hydromax X-Series water pumps as just another penis pump. Trust me. That would be a mistake. As any experienced male enhancement enthusiast will tell you, there is no single, right way to achieve permanent penis enlargement. It takes both consistent, dedicated practice of the penis enlargement methods and a combination of various penis enlargement methods to achieve that ultimate goal.

The classic air pump has been used for decades, but has also had a long history of mixed reactions, inconsistent results, and dangerous side effects. Over pumping with an air pump is known to be quite dangerous and under pumping provides little to no results at all. Ask anybody that has been practicing various penis enlargement techniques for some time and you are sure to get a lot of testimonial to back up those claims. The point is throughout the many years that the air pump has been used for male enhancement its safety and effectiveness has been highly questionable. But the Bathmate Hydromax X-Series proves that the much maligned penis pump still has a very important role to play in penis enlargement.

That is where the Bathmate Hydromax X40 water pump comes into play.


Height11 inches
Width2.5 inches
Circumference9.5 inches
Weight0.75 pounds
Color(s)Red, Blue, Clear

Package also includes a shower strap for hands-free use.


To use the Bathmate Hydromax X40, all you need is warm water, the included comfort pad insert and the optional shower strap. You start by closing the valve at the top of the pump. To do this, toggle the little grey valve knob to the closed position by moving it left, right, up, or down until is snaps into place. Next, fill the chamber with warm water. Insert the penis into the pump and place the comfort ring against your pelvis with the measurement grid either facing up or down, depending on your preference. Note that the comfort ring is not uniformly shaped, and it dips in slightly on one side. The side with the dip should be facing your testicles.

Begin by pressing the pump down onto your pelvis. This will cause the bellows to collapse while a stream of water comes squirting out the other end of the pump. Once you have pressed the pump down as far as you can, gradually allow the bellows to extend back out. At this point a seal will be formed as the vacuum pressure begins to draw the penis further into the chamber. Repeat the process of pressing and extending the pump until you have reached a comfortable amount of pressure or the bellows is fully compressed. Repeat the process every minute or so to ensure the maximum amount of pressure is maintained throughout the session. Do this for 15-20 minutes maximum.

Alternatively, you can release the pump pressure and remove it after about 10 minutes of use, take a short 30 second break, and then reapply the pump (my preferred method). By doing this, you can extend the amount of time you are able to use the pump a little bit. When you're finished or need to take a break, you can release the pressure by pressing down on the valve at the top of the pump and return the valve knob back to it's original position. To clean the pump. Remove the comfort pad insert and shake some of the water off of them. Set them out to air dry in a cool, open environment.

Overall, I found the Bathmate Hydromax X40 to be easy to use and generally comfortable to wear. There was some slight discomfort when first applying the pump, perhaps due to my own inexperience with it. But after that initial discomfort went away, there was nothing uncomfortable about using the device. I didn't seem to experience this same discomfort with repeated use. After 20 minutes of use, there was some noticeable redness and swelling in the penis, especially around the head and foreskin. The initial swelling went away after an hour or two. The redness went away after 12-24 hours. My penis appeared and functioned normally thereafter.


Before I began using the pump I measured 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth. After a full month of using the pump 5 days a week, I saw a 0.75 inch increase in length from using the pump, as measured with the measurement guide on the pump itself. An erect length increase of 0.5 inch and an erect girth increase of 0.5 inch. I didn't measure the girth immediately following use due to the swelling. I waited a full 24 hours after the last session before I did the second girth measurement. There were considerable improvements in erection health and quality as well. This included the return of the youthful "morning wood" and a firmer erection in general during sex. I also noticed there was more sensitivity and sensation in the penis when having sex within a 12-24 hours after using the pump. This subsided thereafter.

I am encouraged to continue to use the pump in the long term in order to make these gains more permanent and to add more onto these initial increases. I plan to update this review more in the future as time goes on. So check back later for more updates.


Like most experienced penis enlargement practitioners, I was skeptical of penis pumps for a long time based on my own experience with air pumps and the collective experiences of others that have shared their stories online. This water pump has completely changed my mind, 100%. The fact is, it just works. I am not sure why the Bathmate Hydromax X40 is so much more effective than any other air pump. Maybe it has to do with the warm water in the chamber facilitating growth much like the warm wrap does or that using the bellows pump allows you to achieve a consistent amount of pressure removing any guesswork or risk from over/under pumping. In summary, I feel the Hydromax X-Series water pumps represent a quantum leap in design and technology that finally makes the vacuum pump a sound and viable option for penis enlargement.

You can find the Bathmate Hydromax X40 for sale direct from the manufacturer or on eBid. The retail price for the pump is $195 USD or more, but sometimes you can find some good deals from trusted sellers on Ebay. The price may seem a bit high compared to other pumps, but it is well worth it because this pump works and the cheaper air pumps don't. The Hydromax X-Series is built to be durable and long lasting. Even after accidentally dropping mine in the shower, there were no cracks or scratches on the chamber. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their penis enlargement exercise regimen beyond manual stretching, supplements, and traction devices. So go get yours today and up your penis enlargement game plan!

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