Is there an age limit for penis enlargement?

man-watching-the-sunsetLuckily no, although if you are under the age of 18 it is strongly recommended that you wait until you have finished puberty as your body (including your penis) hasn’t finished growing yet.

However, other than that there really is no age restriction to when you can increase your penis size.

So whether you are 25 and fed up of your size or 72 and looking to reignite the passion in your relationship, there is really nothing stopping you from enlarging your penis, other than the decision of which method to try.

How can I improve my penis size?

You would think, considering how ‘taboo’ penis enlargement is that there wouldn’t be many penis enlargement methods around; however surprisingly there are quite a few.

Here are a couple to get you started:

1. Penis extenders – easily the safest and most recommended method on the market, penis extenders essentially apply traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis causing cells to break away and duplicate. As these cells accumulate, this enables your penis to hold more blood, attain harder erections, improve premature ejaculation and increase your penis size by inches.

In one study of 18 men who wore a penis extender for 4-8 hours a day over 6 months, they experienced gains of 2.8cm (erect) and 1.9cm (flaccid) which remained months after they stopped using the device. For more information visit

2. Penis pumps – this technique is probably one of the oldest and involves creating a vacuum around your penis which draws in blood and temporarily causes your penis to enlarge in size.

Now it is important to note with this one that excessive use can damage blood vessels in your penis to the extent that they burst and cause deformity, so be careful if you opt for this one.

3. Jelqing – originally from the Middle East, jelqing involves a series of thirty-four 8 minute exercises which gently stretch and increase blood flow to your penis. Essentially helping to train your penis, consumers have reported temporary gains of 1 inch.

To help strengthen your penis further you can also consider kegel exercises. Kegel exercises basically help you to train the muscles responsible for controlling your urine flow which in turn can prevent premature ejaculation.

4. Penis enlargement surgery – whilst penis enlargement surgery can offer you guaranteed gains, this route comes with many risks that you may not be comfortable with.

The most notable surgeries involve the following:

- Inflatable tubes – inserting tubes alongside your corpora cavernosa, the pump is implanted into your testicles enabling you to control your erections and increase size.

- Cutting the Suspensory ligament – helping to produce gains of 1 inch, this surgery involves cutting the suspensory ligament connecting your penis to your pubic bone. NOTE: whilst these gains are permanent, the cutting of this ligament will prevent your penis from pointing up when erect.

 - Skin graft – taking skin from another area of your body, skin grafting allows you to control your gains. However, it is important to note that if the skin graft doesn’t take (due to loss of blood flow) this can lead to scarring and deformity.

And this is forgetting the many creams and pills you can also try. So if you are genuinely interested in increasing your size by inches, remember to bear the above points in mind and choose wisely. With the right method you can experience the gains you crave, no matter your age.


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